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Nibbs Surrey Hops Gin + Free Tonic


A dry London gin distilled with locally grown Farnham Hops, alongside other complementary botanicals. This Nibbs gin has an undertone of hops balanced with citrus and floral notes, celebrating centuries of traditional hop growing in Surrey. 

Size: 70cl
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Plus a free case of 4 x 200ml tonic from Double Dutch

About the Producer
Nibbs is a small family business based in Surrey, producing small batch artisan gin. The name “Nibbs” has a special meaning and a great affection to as a family it is a special childhood nickname given by a Mother to her daughter. It is therefore a celebration of a much loved grandmother, mother and gin lover.

This legacy and love of gin has carried through many generations leading to the family tradition of making the obligatory annual sloe gin at Christmas and other alcoholic concoctions. Their extended love of cooking and creating wonderful things to eat and drink at home, combined with a genuine passion to create led to the culmination of our elderflower cordial. After much testing and 'ginspiration' the idea to make an alternative gin product was born. The rest, as they say, is history...