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Wholegrain Mustard with Guildford Honey

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Jackie teamed up with local honey producer Mark Clayton (Onslow Village) to come up with this great combination. A lovely accompaniment to cold chicken or turkey, or even with cauliflower cheese.

Weight: 110g


white wine vinegar, honey (24%), yellow & brown mustard seeds, turmeric, mustard powder, allspice, black pepper, paprika, cinnamon, salt

About the producer:

In 2016 I gave my brother, Anthony Rogers, a few jars of my green tomato chutney. He served some in baguettes and ploughman’s lunches in his deli. One of his customers liked it so much he asked if he could buy a jar. My brother replied, “Sorry, I don’t have any to sell, my sister makes it, I’ll ask her.” The next few times the customer came into the deli he asked, “Have you got any of your sister’s chutney?” ...and so the brand name was born!