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King Peter Ham


This recipe was developed in memory of Tom's late father, Peter, who adored air-dried hams of all styles. Tom has taken elements from many of these hams to create a genuinely unique product that shows off the attributes of the pork while enhancing it with a blend of black pepper, juniper and gentle chestnut wood smoke.  Sweet and nutty with a hint of smoke, 

A sweet, nutty, deeply coloured with a very gentle background hint of chestnut smoked ham, resulting in an incredible depth of flavour. Boned out pork back leg, trimmed and cured for 2.5 weeks. Then cold smoked for 18hrs over chestnut wood and aged for 8 months. 

Cut: Hind Ham

Origin: UK

Allergens: None

Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Juniper, Bay, Black Pepper, Red Wine & NaNo2

About the Producer

Tempus's philosophy is a simple one, to make exceptional charcuterie you need exceptional  pigs. So what makes the right pig? What they know is that age and size are the two key factors in delivering a special product. Tempus, the Latin word for time, underpins everything they do to create their range of charcuterie. 

At Tempus they only use ex-breeding sows and ex-dairy beef in their charcuterie, which in the case of the pigs means animals that are in excess of 4 years old and weigh more than 180kg, as they deliver marbling, fat ratios and intensity of flavour that simply cannot be matched by younger and smaller animals.

Their ethos is also part of their commitment to utilising the food-chain correctly. Tempus believe they have a responsibility to use animals already in existence as these, often overlooked animals are truly special. They should be treated with the respect reverence they deserve. In this instance, old is indeed better.