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Support local farmers' market stalls right here on Plough!
Support local farmers' market stalls right here on Plough!

Heritage Sussex Best Ale


A Sussex Classic, developed from an old recipe of Bill's Great, Great grandad. Full malt flavour, robust bitterness, and a subtle dried fruits aftertaste. 

  • 4.0% ABV
  • Gluten Free
  • 500ml bottle
  • Bottle or case of 12

About the Producers

Born in 2013, Firebird was created by Bill and Richard who re-established an old friendship which began at The University of Birmingham’s Brewing School. Both studied for an M.Sc in brewing science and technology and on completion went their separate ways. Bill to join and eventually run family firm King and Barnes in Horsham and Richard to continue his career with Courage and then a move into the Wines and Spirits Industry.

On making contact again in 2012 it didn’t take too many beers to realize that a joint venture in brewing was the only sensible thing to do! Soon a site was found in an old converted brickworks in Rudgwick and a brewing plant was purchased and installed. The first commercial beer Heritage XX was sold at the end of June 2013. 5 years later Firebird produces a large range of beers and has a thriving bar as well.