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Support local farmers' market stalls right here on Plough!
Support local farmers' market stalls right here on Plough!

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Banko Gotiti - Grade 1 - Special Preparation


Roasted by Rockhill Brothers Coffee Co. A family run, speciality coffee roastery in the historic market town of Dorking surrounded by the beautiful Surrey Hills. We passionately hand roast all our coffee in 1kg batches. 

Origin - Ethiopia

Region - Banko Gotiti, Worka, Yirgacheffe

Farm/Farmer - About 300 smallholders delivering to the Banko Gotiti Washing Station

Variety - Heirloom Ethiopian varieties

Altitude - 1800–2300 masl

Process/Method - Washed

Method - Cleaned, Depulped, Fermented, Washed twice and then dried on raised beds 9/12 days.

Average Drying Time: 12 Days

Rich juicy sweetness with lots of tart fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; complex intense bergamot and jasmine flavours with apricot, lemon and other citrus fruit flavours.

Banko Gotiti is a village in the Gedeb district of Ethiopia's Gedeo Zone, where Yirgacheffe is located. The Banko Gotiti cooperative was founded in 2012, separately from the Worka cooperative, which is a larger organization. Banko Gotiti has about 300 members, who grow a mix of heirloom Ethiopian varieties of coffee.

This particular lot of coffee is a special preparation performed at the origins washing station that included a much more rigorous sorting of the cherries from beginning to end. The coffee was cleaned and depulped, fermented for 48–72 hours before being washed, then soaked for 8–16 hours before being washed again. It was dried on raised beds for 9–12 days.

Coffees in Ethiopia are typically traceable to the washing station level, smallholder farmers who usually own less than 1/2 hectare of land, and as little as 1/8 hectare of land. They deliver cherry by weight to receive payment at a market rate. The coffee is hand sorted and processed into lots before being bagged.