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Date & Walnut Nut Butter


*2019 1 Star Great Taste Award Winner*

Slightly salted and slightly sweet, this roasted walnut spread is a wholesome but indulgent topper for toast, porridge or pieces of dried fruit.

Think good-for-you salted caramel with a tinge of deep roasted bitterness!

Size: 180g

Ingredients: Walnut (43%), Coconut, Sunflower Seed, Date (10%), Unrefined Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt

Allergens:  Walnut, Vegan, Organic, Paleo, No Added Sugar, No Added Oil, High Fibre, 100% Natural

About the Producer

Mike is the master nut butter maker behind Nutcessity. Whilst on study exchange in Australia in 2013, Mike had his first taste of nut butter. It was for Mike a 'total revelation'! Mike started Nutcessity in 2016 with the sole purpose for his nut butter to be embellished, there are no added refined sugar or syrups (and definitely no palm oil)! Nutcessity spreads are only slightly sweet, in a wholesome fashion, whilst their texture is more fudge-like and creamy, depending on the room's temperature.