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Dafé - The Coffee Alternative

by Dafe

Dafé is a delicious caffeine alternative made from freshly roasted upcycled date seeds. The seeds are carefully sourced from a quality supplier in Tunisia and roasted in Surrey. 

Dafé can be made in much the same way as coffee, with a moka pot, a cafetiere, filter or aeropress. There is no correct way, so experiment with how you brew it and how strong you like it. 

Choose between:

  • fine (espresso, moka pot, aeropress)
  • coarse (cafetiere)

Size: 250G

♻️ All packaging is 100% compostable

About the Producer

One of the Dafé founders, Rupert, first came across date coffee when on a running trip in Lebanon. Whilst refuelling in a small cafe in the streets of Beirut, he spotted date coffee on the menu. Keen to try a local delicacy Rupert ordered the date coffee after discovering it had zero caffeine and coffee content. Upon returning to the UK, Rupert tried with difficulty to source date coffee to drink at home. The personal desire to drink the coffee led to the creation of Dafé in 2020!