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Catch Smokey Bills Pack of 4


Our signature fishcake, full of oaky smoked fish, fresh lemon and parsley.

We make fabulous fishcakes with a grown-up look and a twist on taste. Fish dishes for foodies if you like - putting in all the care and attention that you would if you were making it yourself.

  • Keep refrigerated
  • Pack weight: 320g

Please note, this is for local delivery only. 

About the producer:

Back in 2008, our 'Fairy Codmother', Hayley Elston, put her passion for supporting our declining fishing industry and protecting the diminishing fish stocks into action and the Catch brand was born!

Starting her 'sustainable revolution' on the Isle of Wight, Hayley started out selling the now legendary 'Festival Fish Finger Sandwich' at Bestival, made entirely from the catch of the Yarmouth Fishermen’s Association (now the Needles Fishermen’s Co-op, a bone-fide co-operative)