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Blackcurrant Blighty Skyr


Virtually fat free and full of healthy live bacteria! Skyr is rich and velvety whilst remaining a light and refreshing yoghurt. Fen Farm Dairy, makers of Baron Bigod and Bungay Butter, started making Skyr as a means of using the milk leftover from butter production. 

This allows them to take what would otherwise been a waste product and turn it into something delicious. The fruit flavours are made with jam from England Preserves' Blackcurrant Blighty, a tasty balance of sweet and sour. 

About the Producer

Jonny is the “force majeure” at Fen Farm Dairy. He has been working on the farm since the age of four, when he would sneak out of bed at 3am and follow his Dad to the cowshed to help with the morning jobs. Now there is a little less sneaking involved but no fewer early mornings and wild enthusiasm.

Dulcie heads up marketing and business development at Fen Farm Dairy.

Together, Jonny and Dulcie have diversified the original farm with the addition of a pioneering cheese and butter making business. Their focus is on making exceptional artisan products and helping other dairy farmers on their journey to diversification.