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Ampersand Handcrafted Cultured Butter Wheels 200g


Handcrafted cultured butter. Hand kneaded, hand salted, hand packaged. Ampersand supplies 36 Michelin Star restaurants, and we're so pleased to be able to bring this gorgeous restaurant grade butter to your table. 

In late Spring and certainly Summer the cows are out grazing fresh grass in the fresh weather, making this butter naturally more yellow and vibrant.

Weight: 200g

Ingredients: Holstein and Jersey herd MILK (sourced from the Brades Family Farm), Himalayan rock salt and lactic cultures.

About the Producer:

After years of working in internationally renowned restaurants, Grant Harrington created Ampersand with the sole goal of creating the best tasting butter using traditional and refined technique paired with the highest quality ingredients. As well as being found at London food markets and supplied to 37 worth of Michelin star restaurants, Ampersand has received praise and plaudits from critics, journalists and consumers alike.