About Bonboosh

A small family business based in rural North Hampshire who simply want to make the best marshmallows ever. In the history of everness.

Welcome AJ, Steve & Pipsqueak...

We started small. Very small. A pretty table at a charity event (and no chair). But we made people smile. So we went looking for more smiles and took our garden gazebo (and two chairs) to our local summer fete. The smiles kept on coming - smiles of surprise, smiles of delight, smiles of amazement.

Those cute little facial expressions are pretty addictive so here we are. Still inventing new flavours, still making our small batches by hand and still packaging them up in the wee small hours in readiness for them to spread the happy.

We may specialise in handmade, wonderfully flavoured marshmallows, but we are clearly in the business of smiles.

AJ, Steve & Pipsqueak