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Ivy House Farm

Ivy House Farm in Somerset is very much a family affair. Run by husband and wife, Geoff & Kim, as well as their son Dominic, the family's passion and care is palpable. Their cows or, "our ladies" as Geoff calls them, are an extension of the family. 

"At Ivy House Farm we love each of our 120 cows dearly. Every cow has been born and raised on the farm and each live a long and happy life with us. Each of the cows will live to around 10 years of age (in contrast to intensive farming where cows will only live 4 to 5 years). We adhere to the strict organic guidelines which means no nasty hormones or antibiotics are given to our cows. We instead look for natural remedies to help the cows through any medical issues, ensuring the milk you drink is as natural and pure as possible. All the winter feed comes from the farm, meaning we have complete control over the cows diet, nutritional uptake and quality of their food."

Head here to meet some of the cows at Ivy House Farm.