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Cream Tea Box

by Plough

Pack of 4 Country scones, luxurious clotted cream, freshly stirred jam, farm fresh whole milk and real tea to assemble at home! 

  • 4x Country Scones 

  • 1x Clotted cream from Libby's Larder: handmade on the family farm in Surrey, this Clotted Cream is a crowd pleaser. Luxuriously silky and smooth!

  • 1x Jam from Jam Packed: traditional raspberry jam is a perennial favourite with adults and children alike. It doesn’t get much more traditional than this! You can always request strawberry jam at the notes section at checkout if you'd prefer! 

  • 2x Tea Envelopes from The Lawn Collection: 'classic' English Breakfast tea.  A malty Indian Assam tea blended with a robust full bodied Kenyan tea.  This tea has a brisk character. The Lawn Collection English Breakfast tea blend is a perennial favourite.
  • 1x Farm fresh whole milk is unhomogenised, like it used to be in the good old days! Creamy on top, give it a little shake before you add this delicious milk!

*We reserve the right to substitute products if necessary.