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Firebird Brewery

  • from £2.25

    Firebird - Two horses pale ale

    Intensely hopped with modern bold varieties to give a big aroma with balancing bitterness. A full flavoured blend of Crystal, Cara and Munich...

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    from £2.25
  • from £2.85

    Heritage Sussex Best - Ale

    A Sussex Classic, developed from an old recipe of Bill's Great, Great grandad. Full malt flavour, robust bitterness, and a subtle dried fruits aft...

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    from £2.85
  • from £2.35

    Firebird - Bohemia Pilsner Larger

    Brewed cool with Czech Saaz hops and matured sub zero for weeks to create a crisp, floral, spicy lager with a lingering finish. 4.8% ABV Glute...

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    from £2.35
  • from £3.15

    Festive 51 Strong Sussex Best - Ale

    Our take on the classic King and Barnes Festive Ale. A premium bitter, ruby red in colour and full of malty richness. This time it's not about the...

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    from £3.15
  • from £2.79

    Firebird - Parody IPA Can

    The big malt base of this amber ale acts as a great foundation to a storm of modern and traditional hops yielding powerful bitterness, huge arom...

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    from £2.79