UK food system is broken

May 24 2022 – David Walton

UK food system is broken
UK food system is broken

And not just because we have an over reliance on importing produce from around the world but also because we have lost connection with our local food communities.

We firmly believe everybody should be able to break bread that was milled just around the corner…when you know the hand that feeds you, when shopping is as much about who you buy it from, as what you buy, it brings us closer.

Events like Covid-19 and Brexit have shone a light on how fragile our food system is. An average food basket in the UK has traveled 100,943 miles. This isn’t good for the planet, our farmers and producers, our diet, our economy and our future. Plough is here to fix that. 

54%                Self Sufficiency

2.2 Million      Tonnes of plastic food packaging per year     

8 tonnes         of C02 emitted to feed a family of four per year

65%                of UK food sales go to corporate food monopoly

Convenience and community can co-exist and we’re already making it happen through omni-channel retailing for artisan producers. We ran a pop-up market to bring the community closer when we were apart for so long during lockdown. Consumers and producers loved it and we’ve been invited to host markets in several other locations by local authorities. 

We also launched our e-commerce to bring my local farmers’ market online. We’ve delivered over 2,000 Plough boxes curated around the seasons, we’ve sold these to a customer base pushing 1,500 which includes consumers, holiday homes and corporate clients like Adobe and Proctor and Gamble.

But we need to go further.

To realise the full potential of this hyper local food system, Plough will open its first in a network of ‘Plough Hubs’ - a physical space to not only shop directly from producers in our food theatres, but spend time and connect with the community. You will be able to buy now or shop online for later. Whatever works for you.