Communal food system

May 24 2022 – David Walton

Communal food system
Communal food system

This system has a focus on the wider sustainability of everything in and around the food chain. 

The local-production-for-local-consumption ethos, means processing, retailing and consumption are all geographically integrated at a Plough hub. This benefits the: 

  • Environment
  • Local economy
  • Social and nutritional health of the community


The success of this system will increase the self sufficiency rate in the UK, currently at 54% and reduce food miles on the average UK food basket spend currently at 100,943 miles for a £45 spend! 

New circular economies will be forged around the Plough hubs as a place for local producers to trade with their community in our food theatres and on our website selling curated food boxes to local consumers and businesses. 

Plough is disrupting a food and drinks market worth 2.6 billion, resting on a fragile network of global supply chains importing produce to large corporates, 4 of which currently take 65% of UK food sales. 

70% of under-25-year-olds believe the future of food shopping will NOT take place in a traditional supermarket, we believe it will take place in a nationwide network of Plough hubs.