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A message from our Founder on our new Plough boxes

A message from our Founder on our new Plough boxes

You might have seen a slightly new look to Plough lately, we’re adapting our business models to meet with the ever changing food and beverage markets. But always staying true to our founding philosophies of supporting artisan producers, creating a more sustainable and local food community and enjoying produce around the seasons. 

We’ve curated a new menu of set boxes where provenance, high quality ingredients and impressive but environmentally friendly packaging is showcased. We market these boxes to consumers who might be buying for themselves or sending a gift, to businesses of all sizes for the office or the “teams at home” and holiday homes wanting to impress their new guests at changeover day. 



Moving away from a “food hall” offering to set boxes really helps Plough and it’s partners manage freshly made produce and fulfil orders in a timely and efficient manner. We see a future where an artisan food hall is back online but until then we’ll keep evolving our special food and drink boxes, hosting physical markets and events and connecting more local customers to local artisan businesses.

Thanks for supporting Plough and it's partners! 


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